As a little girl I was immersed in a vegetarian lifestyle. Cranberries have been a staple product in our household. Our family has a rich history in the food industry and are working with Canadian Cranberries for over 20 years. I am very proud to be part of a family that have successfully established the Canadian Cranberries in Europe. Especially the marketing of the organic cranberries has been a unique accomplishment. Seeing more and more products launched and friends making subliminal references to cranberry products is a true joy. I grew up knowing that cranberries would be an important part of my life. Later in life I learned more and more about the health benefits of these unique berries. In 2018 I got the opportunity to visit the fields myself. It was truly magical being hugged by all those fresh cranberries. This created a passion for natural products that will continue through Pericarp. 

Sourcing the natural properties of seeds for women’s beauty and health.

Pericarp is all about protection. Keeping the essence of life inside a safe environment. In the botanical world the Pericarp surrounds the seeds. A tough, firm layer of skin and flesh, protecting the seed of a fruit. The Pericarp consists of three layers identified as the combination of exocarp, mesocarp and endocarp. When applied to the cranberry, you will see the redskin (exocarp), flesh (mesocarp) and the layer around the seed (endocarp), protecting the seed. 

During my pregnancy I found the resemblance of my belly & baby being similar to that of the cranberry pericarp and its seeds. It is amazing that the benefits of the cranberry are being transferred to my own special human Pericarp.

The benefits of the cranberry have been very supportive during and after my pregnancy. Two key problems have been addressed: urinary tract infections (UTI) and dry skin (worried about having stretch marks). Cranberry supplements are known for its beneficial effect on UTI. The cranberry is rich of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and non-toxic. Specifically known for its high contents of proanthocyanins (PAC), which is researched for its anti-adhesive activity during urinary tract infections including preventive properties (sources 1). 

However, many secrets of the cranberry have not yet been brought to light. The cranberry also protects special seeds that yield a uniquely balanced oil. The cranberry seeds are pressed into a rich oil, packed with Omega 3 & 6, tocopherols and tocotrienols (also referred as Vitamin E), with key moisturizing benefits, elasticity of the skin and general skin support. It has helped me to prevent stretching of the skin during my pregnancy and kept my face and body both hydrated and nourished. 

Since this fragile period in my life I know the importance of pure, natural products, without additives as an essential of my daily skincare routine. Pericarp stands for single ingredient natural properties and avoids use of any unnecessary ingredients, which is very difficult to find in the market of cosmetics. I am aiming for an holistic approach to a 360 degree usage of the cranberry from farm to your skin. 


We as Pericarp hope you enjoy this product for your daily routine. Love your skin by taking care of your Pericarp.

With lots of love, Fieke Ford – van Dijk