The meaning of Pericarp

When starting our company it was known that we would start with a cranberry product. However finding a brand name that would suit our brand was quite a challenge. We had a vision of natural beauty and healthy skincare and now we needed a name to suit that vision. We were always talking about using pure ingredients and eventually using everything of the fruit. We believe in nature providing us with ingredients for taking care. At some point we where browsing botanical names and came across the word Pericarp. Diving deeper into the meaning we felt this was going to be the name for our brand.

Pericarp is all about protection. Keeping the essence of life inside a safe environment. In the botanical world the Pericarp surrounds the seeds. A tough, firm layer of tissue or skin, protecting the seed of a plant.

The pericarp of a cranberry consist of three different layers:

  • Exocarp – Skin of the fruit, rich in antioxidants and flavonoids
  • Mesocarp – Flesh of the fruit, deliciously tart (mostly water) rich in phytonutrients
  • Endocarp and Seed – Skin of the seed + seed, rich in amino acids, fibers, and oil

Pericarp believes nature provides beauty from within

Fieke Ford